About Us

Leading the way for Tier One Commercial Construction Projects.

We are a major employer of experienced construction workers, ensuring we have the cream of the crop. We roughly have 300 employees, they are paid as per our CFMEU Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and above. Our team work in a harmonious environment to ensure a quality and environmentally acceptable outcome and completed product. Our commitment to family and Industry Training is evident with our current apprentices, (20 of them!) most being relations of our current employees, ensuring our entire teams future is in the best hands.

Our Office Team

  • Glen Wadsworth Industrial Relation Manager & Founder (AU) | Director (NZ)
  • Brock Wadsworth Managing Director (AU) | General Manager (NZ)
  • Jenny Yates Office Manager & Payroll Officer (AU)
  • Roger Pagotto Corporate Accountant (AU & NZ)
  • Carly Armitage Purchasing Officer (AU & NZ)
  • Matthew Riding Commercial Manager (AU & NZ)
  • Korinne Harrington Office Administration (AU)
  • Shae Langridge Directors PA (AU & NZ)
  • Tania Meyers Office Manager (NZ)

On-Site Management Team

  • Nathan Smith Operations Manager (AU & NZ)
  • Kane Wadsworth Construction Manager (AU)
  • Peter ‘Seaweed’ Boardman Senior Project Manager (AU & NZ)
  • Peter ‘Koowee’ Burton Senior Project Manager (AU)
  • Johnny Byrne Senior Project Manager (NZ)
  • Mark Whitney Project manager (AU & NZ)
  • Philip Boyd Project Manager (NZ)
  • Daryal Torkington Project Manager Painting (AU)
  • Jalil Ibrahim Site Manager (NZ)
  • Atilla Siskovits Site Supervisor (NZ)
  • Lee Baker Site Supervisor (NZ)
  • Grant Pienaar Site Supervisor (NZ)
  • Suhesh Madathil Quality Manager (NZ)
  • Mark Ludwigsen Senior Safety Advisor (AU & NZ)
  • Magdalena McAreavey Safety Advisor (NZ)